A note before you start reading this: This entry is really long. I mean really long. Like it took me 3 hours to write, based on notes I took while watching the show. So this is all about the experience from last night and me remembering it, until I have a chance to rewatch the finale (working on that now). I talk about everything that happened. So if you didn't see the whole thing, and you read this, you're screwed (unless you don't care; then by all means continue). Any way, happy reading. :D

Season 3 Theory
Because of the rumors [Carlton Cuse said, "I will say that the next season is a lot about the Others. That's...there's a lot of mysteries about the Others that we'll be getting into next year."] I've been hearing about season 3, I'v been thinking about it a good bit today. So of course I came up with something.

My theory was that instead of being from the point of view of the Losties, the entire season would be from the POV of the Others. And the Losties are the others to them. Of course, that would be a little ridiculous and difficult as far as how attached we've become to our favorite characters.

Season 2 Finale
The first thing I thought when we the show opened was that perhaps it was a timewarp with Desmond coming to the island for the first time. Haha, and the "You?" spoken by Desmond was total deja vu, which sort of tricked me into thinking it was only the second time that he had seen Jack (since at the stadium on the night). But no, "Desmond is back," states Jack.

The "Snowglobe" comment by Desmond struck me as insane and it makes no sense. There's not really any evidence as to why/how that would be possible.

Our Mutual Friends, another book. A book which opens talking about a boat floating on the Thames River. How appropriate. Another prime sentence from the first page is, "The figures in this boat were those of a strong dark man with ragged grizzled hair and a sun-browned face..." There's also a character named Lizzie, a couple Johns, and a Charley. It keeps getting better.

So Desmond's last name is Hume, which I thought sounded familiar. So I did a google search and remembered philosopher David Hume. Interesting, to say the least.

I thought the rich guy was Alvar Hanso. But he wasn't. He was Desmond's girlfriend's dad. Minor disappointment for me.

Locke's new approach to the button (not wanting to push it) reminded me of Walt's odd appearences "Push the button, don't push the button."

I like that Des called the Others the Hostiles. Has he had some contact with them... or maybe Kelvin did?

WTF was with that bird? Did it look a little CGI'd? And why was it sqwauking Hurley's name?

I hated the way that Locke just walks up to Desmond and acts like they're old friends. Totally crazy, because they didn't really know each other and Desmond just ran away and didn't even care to ever see any of the Losties again. It's just by chance that he's even on the island a second time.

That statue thing was pretty cool. Even if it did only have four toes. And what's that even about?!?!?

The scene with Kelvin in the hazmat suit was confusing. I know they're trying to go for a cool and confusing thing, but it just confused me more than it should have. It made me think the Others were the ones who put Desmond in the Swan. I loved that it was Kelvin (and his previous partner before him) that painted the map on the blast doors.

It was so sad when Jack told Kate, Hurley, and Sawyer that the Others already knew they were coming. I was hoping Hurley would get mad at Michael and totally squash him, but that was no go. But OMG, when they showed where the tubes/notebooks from the Pearl hatch were going, that was crazy. I guess that means that the Pearl was the psych experiment? Because no one was actually reading those mothers in the middle of the woods.

At 10:05, I thought that Eko and Charlie were dead. How could they not have been? The part of the hatch that they were in was like a freaking pipe (my exact words were "Eko's an idiot. IT was like a freaking water pipe except made of fire"). There wasn't anywhere for the explosion to go. I say next time there is an urge to open the blast doors, only do it where there's plenty of ventilation room.

I loved how when the poison darts start flying, Jack picks Kate up and tries to save her. So cute and heroic.

The button is totally real. Desmond's flashback proves it. And then him finding the record of the system failure on the Pearl's record? Awesome and freaky. And the crash happening on the day of the show's pilot? That means that it's still 2004 on the island and it's probably somewhere around November 19. Next season, we could be seeing a Christmas/holiday special.

Back to the Others, we find out that Tom is Mr. Friendly's name and of course, the beard is fake. Then they show the twins that were possibly on the boat during "The Bagel" last year. And then, the boat comes up to the dock and there's Fenry Gale, dirtier than ever. And somehow, Fenry is the leader of the Others. How or why did he go to the other side of the island where Rosseau was?!?!?

Then Charlie comes to and he's alive and partially deaf and Eko's possibly dead. Then Locke kills the computer and he's everybody's screwed so Desmond goes to read his damn Charles Dickens book. Then he has a flashback from his girlfriend's letter (which tricked me and I didn't even realize it was a flashback and I thought it was another timewarp. It was the whole scene with Locke seeing the light come on. I guess that was Desmond's way of seeing the light?) So then he gets the key from his book and he's REALLY going to save the world this time instead of just with his little now dead button. And then Locke has the gaul to say, "I think I was wrong," to which I actually said outloud, YOU CAN't JUST SAY YOU WERE WRONG." Then Des turns the key and "it all goes away," as Kelvin says and nobody knows if Locke or Desmond survives this "incident".

Then back at the dock Michael's taking the boat and Walt and being an asshole and driving away. There was a moment between Kate and Jack here too, before they had the sacks thrown back over their heads. Sawyer just ends up alone and Michael drives away, asshole.

The Claire/Charlie kiss was so sweet, especially after they both almost got killed (Charlie by the explosion and Claire by the flying hatch door.)

Then the Challah comes. The cliffhanger that would leave us less angry than last year's. Actually I thought that it was a commercial because of all the snow. The whole thing made me say what the crap. And when the guys called and Penny Widmore, Desmond's girlfriend, picked up it just confused me. She was looking for an electronic pulse anomaly and obviously the island is not in a snowglobe, if these Portugese guys are seeing it.

So, next season is definately going to be different. I'm thinking it's mostly going to be about the Others, as experienced by Jack, Kate, and Sawyer. Should be interesting.

The whole thing freaked me out.
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