Happy New Year! Some things of importance:

01. I want to post at least once a month in 2008 (So I don't have to say every time, "Hi my name is Steph and I am alive!"). This is that post.

02. I'm leaving for Florida in 22 days! I didn't get a Professional Internship, but I'm going to try again for the fall. I think I got really close last time, so I've just got to spiff up the Portfolio and try again. I am going this time for the Spring 08 program in Merchandise. If you come to Disney World, I'll hopefully be at one of the gift shops. So exciting!

03. I finished a version of my online portfolio, for a web design class. It looks like shit in Firefox, but I want to fix it up.

04. I hope everyone is good and safe and starts their year off well!!! Happy 2008! :D
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