01. I was going to start reading Twilight but I absolutely cannot get passed the first page. It is somewhat atrocious, but I cannot put my finger on why. I've had the book for at least a year. The movie comes out this year and if I cared about Edward/Bella, etc. I would totally want to see it... but I honestly just don't care. Maybe she's too emo? It just seems retarded from page one. Who really wants a sparkly boy any way? And werewolves are probably sexier.

02. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince HD Trailer!!! This movie looks so made of win. I imagine the scene in the cave... at the end is going to be heartbreaking. I actually have the book sitting on my lap now and I'm probably going to read it... after...

03. I finish re-reading the Nightworld books by L.J. Smith! Or Ljane? Whichever. But any way, I've been reading them since I came home from Florida last month. I'm almost done with Huntress now and there's only a few more to go. And then like 10 years until Strange Fate, which according to her Amazon blog is going to be at least 700 pages long, but it will be worth it. Or not really? I have mixed feelings about the stories she's been posting on her website. I'm glad that she's writing, but the stories are um, blahness. And a second Vampire Diaries trilogy about Damon? I just don't know how I feel about that. I'm kinda done with Dark Reunion. Let people die, you know?

04. I am in love with Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog! I only wish that it had been online for longer. I definitely want to buy it when it comes out on DVD and yay for a possible 4th part! Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion absolutely rocked in it!

05. The Dark Knight was awesome and at the same time dark and dismal. Heath Ledger was seriously hardcore as the Joker and it's going to be hard to fill his shoes. The whole Harvey Dent storyline was wasted, but there was excellent foreshadowing for the next villianess.

06. I don't remember what the other things were that I wanted to write about. I know that it's been a long time since I've posted. And I haven't posted regarding fandom in forever. I guess it's getting really good lately and soonish.

07. I started up at school in Pittsburgh, which is making me crazy busy but it's good. I have like 2 years left and I just wanna get done and get a real job. Other than that life is basically work and hanging out. It's all good. :)
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