Oh hey there. Oh my. It's going on week 9 at school. I'm going slightly crazy. I have to write a 3-5 page MLA paper on The Amazing Adventures of Kavelier and Clay for Wednesday and I am just completely distracted and the internet is just so shiny. Everything else for most of my other classes is coming along swimmingly. But not American Literature. I just need to not get an F in the class. The last 3 quarters have been blessedly wonderful in that I haven't failed anything miserably in a long time.

I finished, for the most part, my flash portfolio. I really like it. Flash is actually kind of fun/very smooth to work with once you can figure out all the kinks in your timeline. The portfolio is over here: http://slc1510.aisites.com/flash/ Thoughts or opinions?

And I also have updated and remembered about my http://flavours.me/jubilli account. My last public entry was like more than a year ago and talked about crazy nonsense. Which isn't much different than this, really. Oh well.
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