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([personal profile] jubilli Feb. 16th, 2006 11:52 am)
So how about last night's Lost?

So when the numbers aren't put in, there's like another time with a secret message? Over at Lost Forum the basic thought of the heiroglyphics were that they translated to mean Die/Death/Sickness. Plus it sounded like some sort of machine starting up. I don't really remember what it sounded like, but I know that it felt stressful.

As for Sayid The Torturer, I wasn't really enthused or entertained by his storyline. Okay, he's conflicted with what he did and he loved Shannon and all, but I don't really care that much. But who is Henry Gale? And OMG, Gale is his last name? Any relation to Dorothy Gale, who um, tried to leave Oz by Air Balloon? He's got to be an other. And Kate's "dad" was one of the guys who had captured (?) Sayid?

I was a little sad that Sawyer killed the frog, but that's Sawyer for you. As for Hurley, he isn't losing weight because he stole some food from the Hatch. That doesn't really answer the question, because he should have lost some weight, shouldn't he have? But that did tell us why the food in the Hatch is okay... At room temperature it'll last seven years. Well, it doesn't really answer any questions, but it is interesting.

And there's an Anonymous Icon Truth Meme. I'm on page 5 of the comments, if you'd like to tell me how you feel about my journal. Constructive crit is welcome. :D
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