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Birthdate:Dec 3
Location:Pennsylvania, United States of America

My name is Steph. I'm 25 years old and am going to school for graphic design. My projected graduation is in March, 2011. I wanna be famous some day (XD) I have 2 younger siblings. I like anime and manga, but manga more because the art is beautiful. I also read, draw ugly pictures and write badly, but do it any way, because it's fun.

I like all kinds of things, as you can see by my interests, but my main favorite thing to do is design web graphics and web pages. I own quite a few different sites.
-Jubilant Empire: collective
-Artbeat Designs: portfolio
-Magnet Boy Icons: icon journal

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, adult swim, alice in wonderland, american mcgee's alice, angelic layer, animation, anime, art, battle angel alita, beach, bishoujo senshi sailor moon, bleach, blends, blue, blythe, books, buffy the vampire slayer, cardcaptor sakura, cartoon network, chobits, christopher pike, clamp, computer graphics, concerts, daria, daydreaming, design, designing, diet coke, extraordinary machine, eyeliner, fairy tales, family guy, fiona apple, flcl, fraggle rock, francesca lia block, fruits basket, full moon wo sagashite, fushigi yuugi, futurama, gerard butler, graphic design, grimm's fairy tales, guitars, harry potter, home movies, homestar runner, icons, invader zim, jelly bracelets, jewel, johnny depp, july 16 2005, junko mizuno, kennywood, kingdom hearts, kubo tite, l.j. smith, lexapro, literature, lord of the rings, love, lowercase letters, lyrics, macs, manga, manhwa, mars, midnight, monty python, moon, moulin rouge, movies, music, mythology, neil gaiman, neverending story, oceans, oekaki, ozma, ozma of oz, paradise kiss, penny arcade, persocoms, philosophy, photography, photos, photoshop, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, poe, poetry, potter puppet pals, purple, r.l. stine, rain, rainy days, reading, remember me, sailor moon, sandcastle, science fiction, sea, sealab 2021, sean biggerstaff, seth macfarlane, shopping, slash, sleeping, song lyrics, songs, star gazing, stars, stories, stormy summer nights, sunsets, tattoos, teen girl squad, the 80s, the beatles, the internet, the juliana theory, the last unicorn, the matrix, the nightmare before christmas, the oblongs, the rocking horse winner, the simpsons, tim and eric, tim burton, time stranger kyoko, tsubasa resevoir chronicles, urban legends, vincent price, web design, wish, wizard of oz, words, writing, x, x-men, x/1999, xxxholic, zombie powder, ©, , ,

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