So, I've participated in [ profile] the_lj_reboot and made myself a snazzy layout using only CSS to modify it! Sailor Moon is love.

As for the design, I was (and am) in a rut artistically, but I fell in love with the image. So that got me started. And then I made the background pattern. I knew I wanted something that was more minimalist, so I stuck with a white background and a teal-green color scheme.

Coding the stylesheet was a bit tough. I had I think 3 going at the same time, before I figured out what the problem was and then I figured it out, finally. So I suppose that was my process, in a nutshell. :D

The tutorials by [ profile] grrliz for making CSS layouts are wonderfully helpful. Check them out if you want to make a loverly layouts! :)

ETA: I thought I should mention that IE hates this layout. Firefox is constantly making love to it though.


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