01) Twitter! (http://www.twitter.com/jubilli)
Updating is quite addictive, especially since I figured out how to do it via my phone. I don't update nearly as much as I change my facebook status, but I think I change it about once a week. If you're over there, feel free to follow me as I complain about school and boys and say random crap that comes to my head.

02) Tumblr! (http://jubilli.tumblr.com)
I'm starting a random design blog called "Feeding Dynamite to Sharks" over here! If I can actually update it, I think it'll be super fun and a good exercise in terminology. Not exactly the most professional thing ever, but I don't give a fug.

I'm in a computer classroom at school and the Macs in here have Firefox 3.0 which is super funky. I don't know if I like it or will update to it on my Windows laptop when I get to it.

School is very cold today and I wish I had plans tonight. Blah.

ETA: I watched The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning and it made me cry. I'm such a baby about Disney movies, lol. The animation is quite lovely and it's a fun movie. I still wanna know how the DNA of two red-headed mermaids resulted in only one red-headed offspring out of seven. Remembering from Bio in high school, that's not exactly how it usually works, is it? But then again, mermaids and animated cartoons are not exactly rabbits or pea plants a la Mendel.


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